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    Can my ipad/phone/technological devices be used to help my child communicate?

    Communication is not limited to verbal expression. It can take place through gestures, visuals and other means as well. This article delves into the area of using visuals in communication. Visuals are used creatively for children with special needs in speech therapy. They are used in schedules (such as a visual schedule), and other parts of structured teaching. They are also used in Picture Exchange Communication Systems (PECS) and Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC) devices. 

    There are many different types of AAC devices used for children with special needs. One of the more recent technological advancements has led to the development of Proloquo2Go. It is used as a communication device and also to improve language skills in children with special needs. Proloquo can be downloaded on iPad, iPhones or other iOS systems. It can be personalized for each user, and to develop vocabulary and language concepts. 

    Depending on the interests of the child, it can also be used thematically. Some children have specific and in-depth interests in interesting topics like Pokemon, or Thomas the Tank Engine (trains in other words). Proloquo can also be used for practicing generic core words in communication and social skills such as (adapted from Proloquo2 Go): 

    Requesting and Rejecting:

    • Want this, want that, want more, I want ___
    • Can I play? can we play? play again
    • Help, need help, I need help
    • Not, not that, no more
    • Stop, stop now, stop that, stop this, stop there

    Getting/Giving Information and Commenting:

    • Do, I do, I do it, you do it (instead of my turn/your turn)
    • Go, you go, I go (instead of my turn/your turn)
    • What? what next? what that?
    • Like, like it, I like it, you like it, not like, don’t like, I don’t like
    • Look, look at that
    • Give, give to you, give to me
    • Play, play now, play this, I play, we play

    Social Interaction:

    • Good/bad
    • Who? who’s go? who next?
    • Silly/ funny/ fun/ boring (making a comment)
    • What like? what do you like to play?
    • Win/lose (Home > Actions > Feeling Verbs)
    • Home > Chat for more great social words

    Written By:

    Dr Eva Lim

    Certified Speech & Language Therapist