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    Tips For Play And Stimulation

    Play for the Younger Infant

    Unbreakable mirrors
    Soft toys, some with sounds (see through)
    Textural toys
    Musical toys
    Bright pictures
    Baby books with board, cloth or vinyl pages

    What you need to do:

    • Talk and sing to your baby
    • Address baby by name
    • Present your face and interact with him
    • Provide warm and physical contact
    • Provide area for exploration and roaming
    • Engage in face-face talk. Mimic her sounds.
    • Read everyday.
    • Engage in rhythmic movement eg dancing together
    • Introduce to other children and parents
    • Floor time
    • Encourage extended sleep at night

    Play for the Older Infant

    Stacking toys; Building blocks
    Cups, pails, containers
    Bath toys & water play
    Push-pull toys
    Squeeze toys
    Large dolls and puppets
    Cars, trucks, balls.

    What you need to do:

    • Encourage playing – eye-hand co-ordination, fine motor skills and sense of competence
    • Stimulate memory skills (peekaboo)
    • Teach gestures (bye, no, yes)
    • Respect discomfort amongst strangers
    • Floor time
    • Talk to baby; expose to music

    Play for The Toddler

    Board books
    Shape sorters and pegboards
    Jigsaw puzzles
    Make-believe toys
    Digging and outdoor toys
    Dolls and stuffed toys
    Cars, trucks
    Push-pull toys
    Musical instruments
    Visits to different sights: beach, zoo

    What you need to do:

    • Encourage blocks and soft toys
    • Be predictable in routines
    • Singing and rhythm-ing
    • Reading
    • Music
    • Drawing

    Play for the Preschooler

    Age-appropriate book for him to read
    Books for you to read to her
    Tents & Camping
    Make-believe / Pretend play: cooking sets, doctor sets, carpenter tool sets
    Sports: swimming, tennis, cycling
    Exposure to different environments: the beach, Science Centre, Zoo, Botanic Gardens, Chinatown, Malay Cultural Village, Little India, Museums

    What you need to do:

    • Encourage creativity
    • Drawing and painting
    • Building and play dough
    • One-one personal time
    • Limit TV
    • Provide social experiences
    • Offer choices
    • Encourage friendship and interaction
    • Have small children’s parties
    • Talk and learn together