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    Milestones Quick Guide

    Generally, the doctor that provides vaccinations for your child will do a general developmental screening. However, for more comprehensive screening for Developmental Delay, which may indicate later learning problems, it is recommended by the American Academy of Pediatrics that screening at regular intervals be carried out. Some quick screening tips that parents can check include:

    Gross Motor Milestones
    Fine Motor Milestones
    Speech & Language Milestones
    Social & Play Milestones

    Some quick screening tips that parents can check include:

    Gross Motor Milestones

    Head control by 3 months
    Rolling over by 3 months
    Standing and cruising (holding on) by 12 months
    Walking by 15 months

    Fine Motor Milestones

    Reaching out by 3-4 months
    Transferring objects from hand to hand by 7 months
    Pincer grip (picking up small items with finger/thumb) by 12 months
    Scribbling by 18 months
    Drawing lines by 24 months

    Speech & Language

    Babbling responsively by 6 months
    Pointing to indicate needs by 12 months
    Pointing to show body parts/items by 18 months
    First words (besides papa, mama) by 18 months
    Two word phrases by 24 months
    Sentences by 36 months

    Social & Play Milestones

    Smiles responsively by 6 months
    Plays peek-a-boo in infancy
    Claps hands by 12 months
    Exploratory play at 12 months
    Early functional pretend play at 18 months
    Parallel side-by-side play with peers at 24 months
    Interactive to-and-fro play with peers at 36 months

    Children can be creative and learn through
    play acting

    If there are any concerns on your part that your child’s milestones are not being achieved at the right time, at the right rate, along the right pattern or in the right manner, it is best that a consultation be made to assess for your child’s development. Your paediatrician or regular family doctor can do the initial assessment and refer if there are any concerns. You can also make a direct appointment at our clinic.