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    Child At Risk

    Some babies go through a stormy newborn period. Others have medical conditions, which might have been identified before delivery or soon after birth.

    These babies who survive through the initial hospitalization are often considered ‘at-risk’ in the longer term, for developmental and learning issues.

    Some babies who will benefit from regular developmental screening and tracking of their developmental milestones include:


    • Preterm babies born earlier than 36 weeks gestation, especially those born before 34 weeks
    • Low birth weight babies of birth weight less than 2000 grammes, especially those born less than 1500 grammes
    • Babies with known abnormalities such as Down Syndrome
    • Babies with compromised breathing at birth, who may have sustained some insult to the brain
    • Babies with documented low blood sugars at birth
    • Babies with serious blood-borne or brain infections at or soon after birth


    Regular screening can be provided at our clinic at various intervals, especially if your regular doctor does not have the necessary screening programmes for early identification of any developmental delays.