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    Helping My Special Needs Child with Mainstream School

    Your child will require support in order to cope well and perform to his optimal ability in the mainstream education system.

    Keep good communication channels with his school teachers. A communication diary helps both parties.

    Teach your child to write down his homework and projects in a homework log. Suggest to the teacher that a blogspot be created to allow parents to check in on what is needed on a daily basis if the teacher can post homework requirements online.

    Go through his work on a routine basis. Teach in a fun and visual way. Make use of multi-sensorial methods to enhance memory and instill interest. Build in breaks and inject interesting games. Be active and 3-Dimensional. Do not rely purely on pen and paper skills. Create mindmaps for continuous and linked learning. Help ensure his learning experience to be an experiential journey.

    Learn to understand his difficulties as these are undoubtedly multifaceted. There can be reading issues, comprehension difficulties, writing struggles, delayed processing and poor memory. Experience them through his eyes.

    Above all, love your child and give him lots of hugs. Be an advocate for him in his education journey.