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    Balanced Child Development

    What other areas of development must I take note of?

    Cognitive Development 
    Both IQ (intelligence quotient) and EQ (emotional quotient) play a big role in forming the overall cognition of the child. Genetics and experience as well as environment play a huge role in the development of the brain.
    Social Development 
    The groundwork for the ability to make and sustain friendships is laid very early in life – and is made firm with the help of parental support and supervision.
    Personal Growth 
    As children observe and experience the world, their sense of who they are begin to broaden. Each activity they learn to master independently feeds their growing sense of autonomy – the core of self-confidence.
    Character Formation 
    Children adopt values such as honesty and kindness and develop a moral sense of right and wrong by imitating what they see in the world around them.